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Terms & Conditions

1. Your user license is yours

Your subscription/user access is personal. That is, it is linked to your name and mail, which means that you are not allowed to share it with your colleagues, suppliers, partners or others. We understand that often more than one person in the organization can benefit from Quarterly Analytics data, so do call us and get a great offer on a multi-user solution.

1.2 Your subscription/user access is yours, but you can hand it over to someone else, for example if you change jobs. Simply send us an email qa@zangenberg.biz with the name and email address of the colleague who will be taking over your subscription or access.

2 The information is ours

The Quarterly Analytics business model is simple. We sell unique market price data and information to you and the rest of our subscribers. If these are shared unchecked across the market, that model stops working. To make sure that doesn’t happen, all the material found on our site is under copyright. In that light you may not assign, reproduce or otherwise distribute or reproduce our material to your suppliers, customers or other external parties without our explicit and written permission.

2.1 QA Price Index Regulation in Contracts
As stated above, all Quarterly Analytics data is under copyright. This means that if any the Quarterly Analytics price indices are written into a contract as the or one of the contract price control mechanism, both parties – customer and supplier – must be subscribers to Quarterly Analytics through the duration of the contract. You can see prices for customer and supplier subscriptions respectively here An alternative to this is our “Release purchase model” where the specific indices are purchased for release to vendor or customer for the duration of the contract. If you have any questions regarding your permission and how to use our data, articles or other Quarterly Analytics resources or if you want to know more about “release buy” of indices, please don’t hesitate to call or email us at qa@zangenberg.biz

3. Offers

When you subscribe to Quarterly Analytics you accept that we send you the occasional mail. These can be newsletters alerting you to the quarterly update of our market price data, invites to the subscriber only events, but also be open session events and offers from other parts of the Zangenberg Group. We will never sell or share your information with anyone outside the Zangenberg Group. We also promise NOT to flood your inbox. If you feel like you are getting too many mails from us. Do not hesitate to write or call us. qa@zangenberg.biz

4. Your subscription is renewed automatically

Your subscription is automatically renewed once a year on the 1 st of the month where you subscribed.. Please make a note of the month you subscribed and if you wish to cancel your subscription, just let us know before the 1 st of your renewal month by emailing qa@zangenberg.biz.

5. Our Liability

Our goal will always be to publish valid information. In the unlikely event that we make a mistake, or an outside error occurs, we will contact you directly as soon as we are aware of the problem as well as send you the updated market price data material. Our liablity for all direct and indirect losses is limited to the cost of the yearly subscription.

Questions can be directed to:

Line Ørskov
Quarterly Analytics
Pilestræde 52 A 4.sal
1112 København K
Tel.: +45 27 20 03 55
Mail: lo@zangenberg.biz

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