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Contract Health Check

Contract Health Check

Contract Health Check is an assessment of your IT-outsourcing operation deals and is an invaluable tool helping you prioritize your Contract Management efforts.

A Contract Health Check indicates which contracts in your portfolio are potentially out of sync with current developments in market pricing, and therefore may require renegotiation.

Please note - Contract Healt Check is only applicable for IT-operation contracts.

1. Fill out your Health Check Form

Getting an assesment of the health of your contract is easy. Start by filling in the blue form below with data from your contract. The data we ask for are the key parameters -such as length of the contract, unit price and any prior price adjustments – needed to make the assesment.

2. Receive Health Check Report

When you send your input we will process it and mail your Contract Health Check report.

Input your data here

How to fill in your form

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Want to check another contract?

Once you press ‘Submit’ we will recieve your contract for review. If you want to submit another contract, please press the ‘Submit another contract’-button. The site will reload and you have a fresh form. Please notify us that this is another contract (and which) both in the short description in the top, and also in the notes section.

Please provide your vendors name.

Short description
Short description of Contract for exampel: Operations of application[name]

Contract signed (yr./month)
Years/month the contract was signed. If the contract is signed more that 3 months before being initiated, please note this under ‘Notes’.

Length of contract
Length of contract is the gauranteed length of the contract. If it is possible to extend the contract with the same terms, pleas note so. The length of the contract is to be submitted in months.

Extension option (months)
Please input the lengh of the option to extend the contract on the same terms as the main contract. Please note the extention option in months. For example 1+1 year possible extention is filled out as 24 months.

Annual volume (SEK)
Please report your annual contract volume for the last concluded year.

Priceregulation (declining) for the chosen period
Do your deal include a reduction in cost for the in the contract lifespan,  typically with a set percentage? If so please note how much that is pr. year. If the priceregulation is increasing the cost of contract in the contract lifespan please write so in notes.

Has the contract been up for tender before signing?
Please note wether the contract is a result of a tender, or not

Has the price of you deal been adjusted?
Has there been one or more reductions in price for the deal in the period – i.e. as a consequense of renegotiation. Adjustments that have been made solely because of changes in volume (and therefore have not affected unitprice) is NOT to be included here.

Percent the dealprice has been reduced over the period?
Please only note negotiated price reductions that are not a consequense of reduced volume.

Transition costs
If the deal includes a cost of transitioning, please note them here.

Unit price for storage
Please note the current price for a GB blended SAN if this is known, or if it a specific type of SAN (SSD, SAS, SATA etc.) please write  this under Notes.

Unit price on virtual servers
Please not the current unit price for a virtual server between 1 to 4 vCPU’s. Note the number of vCPU’s for the input price under comments.

Location of datacenter
If the contract terms specify where the datacenter is placed in terms of geography please note it here. (Important: – only fill out what the contract describes. If there is no location specified in contract fill out with “none”)

Special terms: security
Please note if contract specifies 1) demand on dual center operations with hotswitch and similar, or 2) Special requirements for military and intelligence services (this is seldomly relevant for any other customers).

Capacity flexibility
Please note if the contract offers an oppotunity to reduce capacity without it affecting the unit prices. Example: 80% denotes that you cannot reduce below  80% of the capacity agreed upon in the contract. If capacity flexibility is not a specified in contract write “none”.

Penalty clauses (%)
Please note the maximum penalty % of the monthly contract value.

Does the deal have benchmark clauses in it?

Type of contract
Please note if the deal includes system development, operations (infrastructure, applications, database operations, helpdesk), software licenses and/or service on system maintainence.

Specific it-operations services
Please note with yes/no if the mentioned operation services are part of the deal: Cloud Services across all platforms- and infrastructure services in cloud such as servers, storage, backup, Azure and so on.

Questions can be directed to:

Danish office:
Line Ørskov
Head of
Quarterly Analytics
Pilestræde 52 A 4.sal
1112 København K
Tel.: +45 27 20 03 55
Mail: Lo@zangenberg.biz

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Questions can be directed to:

Line Ørskov
Head of
Quarterly Analytics
Pilestræde 52 A 4.sal
1112 København K
Tel.: +45 27 20 03 55
Mail: lo@zangenberg.biz

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